We've answered some frequently asked questions below.


Does CARE satisfy every request?

Usually, but occasionally if no volunteer is available, we have to say “sorry we can’t help this time”.

How large an area is covered?

We only serve clients living in the KT13 postcode, as neighbouring areas often have similar organisations. Transport requests are mostly to medical, dental and other appointments in Weybridge, Walton and Hersham and local hospitals (St Peter’s, Ashford, Royal Surrey, Kingston, Woking, Epsom).

What sort of help is available?

Most requests are for transport to medical/dental appointments. Others may be for shopping, hairdressing, collecting prescriptions, visiting sick relatives or friends.


Is any payment made to volunteers?

Drivers can claim 45p per mile for care expenses and 10p for phone calls

How often would I be called upon to help?

Working for CARE is entirely flexible. Drivers are always free to say no to a request, when called by a Duty Officer, if it is not convenient. Nobody is put under any pressure to take a job.
Frequency of working is entirely down to you.

Duty Officers sign up in advance for mornings when they can work. Again, frequency is down to you. And we are always flexible in making changes if another commitment comes up.

What if I have a part time job or other commitments?

Your record card will indicate particular days or times when you are regularly unable to help.

Is help asked for at weekends?

The phone line is only open from Monday to Friday. Occasionally there are weekend jobs. Your record card will show whether or not you should be approached for these.

Would I become personally involved with those I help?

Not unless you wish it. We are known to our clients only by our first names and arrangements with clients are always made through the Duty Officer.

Do I need any special insurance for my car?

All you have to do is advise your insurance company that you are a volunteer driver for CARE in Weybridge and that you receive no payment other than a milage allowance. Any donations received are passed on to CARE in Weybridge.

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