CARE in Weybridge is run by volunteers in two key roles:

If you think you would like to volunteer as a driver or duty officer please contact us.


We are always looking for volunteer drivers!

Driving for CARE is one of the most flexible ways of volunteering. There is no fixed commitment and no pressure to do a given number of jobs. Drivers can do as many trips as they want and can do. So they can accept a driving job with CARE just as and when they are available.

New volunteer drivers are asked to provide evidence of a clean driving licence (apart from speed camera fines) and adequate insurance. They must also go through the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) clearing system.

CARE holds a public liability policy of £5m. Drivers may claim 45p per mile for each journey made.

If you speak to any of our volunteers, they will probably tell you that driving for CARE is both satisfying and rewarding. It’s very flexible, so it’s easy to fit around an otherwise busy life. And you will meet some really friendly and interesting people, who are always more than appreciative of your help.

Volunteer driver
Volunteer driver

Duty officers

The Duty Officer is at the centre of CARE’s operation. Some Duty Officers also drive, some do only the Duty Officer role. Either way, you will be fully trained and supported in the job.

You work from your own home, taking client calls on our mobile phone, between 9am and 12pm. From a list provided, you then ring round until you find a volunteer driver who is free to take the caller to their appointment. Simple records are kept on volunteer and client card indexes, a day book and a diary.

You can add your name to the Duty Officers’ rota to suit your diary – once a week, once a month or whatever you are able to fit in.

All the equipment for your session is contained in a case, which is delivered to you by the previous Duty Officer.

You will find that some days are busy and some are much quieter. Most of our Duty Officers find the role both stimulating and enjoyable, as well as being easy to fit into their otherwise busy lives.

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